Disclaimer: Transparency in Content and Collaboration

PR Samples: Authenticity in Recommendations

At this platform, I occasionally receive PR samples for review consideration on both the blog and Instagram. It’s crucial to note that the products featured are chosen based on my genuine excitement and belief that they resonate with my readers. Alternatively, I may showcase products I’m eager to spill the tea on. While some featured items are personally purchased, I do not distinguish between gifted and bought products in my reviews. Rest assured, I consistently express my authentic opinions. Sponsored posts, when present, are explicitly identified at the outset of the review for complete transparency.

Photos/Content/Design: Crafted In-House with Integrity

Every aspect of this site, including photos, content, and branding, is meticulously crafted by me. In instances where photos are sourced from the web, appropriate credits are provided. Any content contributed by a guest writer is explicitly acknowledged at the beginning of the respective article.

Affiliate Links: Supporting the Blog’s Mission

The use of affiliate links is integral to this platform when linking to products. These links provide me with a small percentage of the total purchase, without altering the cost for the buyer. Your support through these links contributes to the sustainability of this blog and enables me to continue creating valuable content. For those who choose to make purchases via my blog, I extend my deepest gratitude.

Affiliate Codes: Mutual Benefits, Clearly Labeled

Affiliate codes, entered at checkout on a website, not only offer you a discount but also provide me with a small commission. To maintain transparency, all affiliate codes will be explicitly labeled as “affiliate code XYZ.” Conversely, non-affiliate codes will be clearly identified as “discount code XYZ.”

Views Expressed: Informational, Author’s Perspective

The perspectives shared on this site are personal and offered solely for informational purposes. The author makes no warranties regarding the suitability of any product or treatment discussed here for anyone other than herself. Reliance on these reviews or references is at your own risk. Importantly, the content on this site does not substitute for professional advice, be it dermatological, medical, or otherwise. Always seek the guidance of a qualified professional for specific concerns or queries.

In the spirit of transparency and authenticity, this disclaimer serves as a commitment to providing a trustworthy and informative space for readers. Your trust is valued, and I strive to ensure clarity regarding the origin and nature of content presented on this platform.